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10 best children’s books about the environment and animal protection - Book Prunelle

10 best children’s books about the environment and animal protection

It might not be something you think about all the time, but protecting the environment is a very important thing. We all live on the same planet, and everyone should do their part to keep our world clean, safe, tidy and unharmed! So if you’re looking for beautiful, fresh and engaging stories to teach your kids about the environment, here is our list!

While it might be a little too late to change the minds of some adults, it’s not too late for children to learn the importance of looking after the environment! So here are some of the best books to learn to care about our planet!

6-8+ years

Our first story sees brother and sister Ruben and Cassandra travelling to the coast for a holiday and venturing out on a boat with their parents. While out at sea they are visited by a strange talking pelican named Pilo. Pilo explains how the oceans are being destroyed by plastics that humans throw away. In this story you will learn how the simple act of not throwing away waste plastic will have a huge effect on the ocean and the things that live there!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Pilo and the plastic soup
eBook cover for Book Prunelle's The hummingbird and the forest fire

6-8+ years

When a fire spreads through the forest all the animals flee for their lives! But not the hummingbird – he collects water and tries to put it out himself. The Hummingbird and the Forest Fire is a moving tale about sharing problems and working together to help solve them. You will certainly find the message and moral of this particular book moving and important to your everyday life.

6-8+ years

Bees might buzz and fly around and maybe even sting you, but it’s important to remember that bees are also an important part of nature! Ruben and Cassandra go on an adventure with a friendly bee called Miyou and discover how much good they do for the environment. This book will also help you understand what dangers the bees face and how to make sure that we keep our little buzzing buddies safe!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Miyou the bee
eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Michael saves the soil

8+ years

Michael is an ordinary boy, but one day while working on the family farm something strange and magical happens to him – he is shrunk down to the size of an ant! The little insects need his help as the soil is polluted, their home is damaged and they are becoming sick. But is Michael able to help and can he save the ant’s home in time? You will learn that the soil is a very important part of the environment to look after!

6-8+ years

Our final visit to Ruben and Cassandra sees them visiting a zoo and picking up a brand new toy orangutan…or so they think! Suddenly Kinto the orangutan comes to life and takes the two children on an adventure to explain how deforestation destroyed his home. This fascinating story sees Cassandra and Ruben learning that the only way to keep the natural habitats of the beautiful orangutans intact and safe is by avoiding products containing palm oil!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Kinto
eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Dena and Mother Nature's Daughter

4-8 years

Meet Dena, a joyful little girl close to Nature. So close in fact that one day, she meets with Mother Nature’s daughter.

Together they will discuss the earth, the planet and the protection of the environment. Dena opens her heart to the beauty of the world surrounding her and understands that she is part of it. She does not just love Nature, she is Nature.

8+ years

“Waf! It is noisy and it smells in here”… thinks Buster as he is waiting for a family to adopt him out of the dog shelter. And here comes Jeremiah, a little boy who convinces his father to take the puppy home with them! 

But soon, Jeremiah gets bored of the responsibility that comes with adopting a pet and he starts neglecting his little friend. Buster is telling us his thoughts and feelings as Jeremiah and him grow apart from each other. Will they become friends again?

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Buster and the Animal Court
Book cover for Book Prunelle's Wake up daddy lion

6-8+ years

The twin lion cubs are excited to learn practical hunting skills and follow in Daddy’s footsteps! Mommy is not too thrilled about them going out and about in the savanna but the twins go hunting anyway.

The cubs must understand the food chain of the savanna and how to preserve the herds they need for survival. But at what cost?

4-8 years

The environment is super important and it must be protected! Once you open yourself to all that Look after the environment and it will look after you!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Rainbow World
ook-prunelle-splasha-the corodile-covers

8+ years

Splasha lives on a big relaxing crocodile farm and is taken care of by the fabulous farm owner Ben…but not everything is as wonderful as it first seems! One day Splasha starts asking questions about crocodiles disappearing, and the answer is not quite what he was imagining.

Embark with the baby crocodile on a heartbreaking story about love, injustice and innocence.

6-8+ years

Humans have hurt and exploited animals and nature for years, and in punishment the universe has taken away all color from the world. But when Lucas meets Aliyah will they be able to change the world for the better? The answer is locked deep within their hearts.

Book cover for Book Prunelle's World with no color

4-8 years

Dive into those beautiful landscapes and immerse yourself in the beauty of Nature! A nice and lovely children’s book to learn how to take care of the environment and protect Nature.

Do you have a favorite Book Prunelle book about the environment? Be sure to let us know in the comments!