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5 reasons why it’s okay to use technology and screen to entertain your kids

Kids can be hard to entertain. Any parent knows that! It’s not as simple as just sending your kids off outside to play like they used to back in the day, and sometimes parents have to turn to technology to provide entertainment. Unfortunately many people have worries and woes when it comes to sticking a bit of technology in front of their child, but there’s no need to feel bad! Let me explain why! Here are 5 reasons why it’s okay to use technology to entertain your kids!

It’s an easy option

Let’s face facts – Kids are difficult to entertain! And when you’re trying to get work done sometimes it’s not as easy as sitting down and playing a game with them or something. Your time is precious! So sometimes the easiest option is to give your child some technology such as a tablet, for example. It’s no substitute for spending real quality time with your kids, but it is a simple and straightforward option for when you are busy!

It keeps them quiet

Kids love technology. More and more the children of today are getting used to having technology as part of their daily lives and are very savvy when it comes to using it. They instinctively know how to do this and that and use shortcuts and all sorts of things that older generations might not know. So it is actually okay to allow them to be entertained by technology that they know and love. They aren’t going to struggle to find something to do and it will most definitely keep them quiet, occupied and thoroughly entertained!

It allows you to get on with your day

As I mentioned, sometimes it’s difficult to find time in your super busy day to be able to spend time with your kids entertaining them and keeping them occupied. As much as most parents would love to do it, it’s just not possible sometimes when you have a hectic schedule. Therefore if you allow your kids to use technology to entertain themselves then it frees you up to make progress with your day and get some important work done!

It can be educational

Yes, there is a lot of mind numbing and useless stuff on the internet, but every now and again it can prove itself useful as an educational tool. The internet is an amazing and valuable resource that – when put to the right uses – can expand minds, broaden horizons and provide an education for your kids. They can learn about and explore the world around them and discover the people that live in it in a relatively safe way.

Everyone does it

Of course you don’t want to be ‘that guy’ that just does something because everyone else does it, but everyone allows their child to use technology to keep them entertained at some point. It’s only natural! And because of that fact you shouldn’t beat yourself up and feel guilty when you resort to using technology to keep your kid quiet and entertained. It’s a useful tool and it serves that purpose perfectly well, so if it’s there you might as well use it!

So there you have it – 5 perfectly good reasons why it’s okay to use technology. Technology is here and it’s here to stay, so there’s nothing wrong with putting it to good use in any way that you see possible. Kids love technology, technology is a fantastic form of entertainment and kids love to be entertained, so it really is a match made in heaven!

That’s why Book Prunelle mission is to use modern technology as a way to support our message and to share our passion for children’s literature.

That is why Book Prunelle mission is to use modern technology as a way to support our message and to share our passion for children’s literature.

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