8 great children’s books about art and music

Check out our list of the Book Prunelle children’s books about art and music that will inspire the artists in your little ones.These books are an excellent introduction for young children to some famous artists –Van Gogh, Monet, B.B. King… just to name a few. 

Being imaginative and flexing the creative learning muscles is super important for children! Learning about subjects such as art and music not only helps them become more well-rounded and creative, but it helps develop some of those important key skills including language developments and problem solving.

So here are some of the best children’s books about art and music that Book Prunelle has to offer in our “The Artist in me” series. 

Julia Discovers Art 

6-8+ years

Julia is an ordinary little girl, but she has an extraordinary interest in being creative and producing art in all different styles. She keeps a journal –or an art diary – to record all her thoughts, feelings, and findings about anything to do with her passion! She researches all different artists and all kinds of styles!  Join Julia on her colorful journey of discovery, creativity and art!

This is an original children’s book about art that will inspire kids to take their brushes and pencils to create the next art chef d’oeuvre!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Julie Discovers Art

Paul Discovers The Blues and B.B. King 

8+ years

After the death of Paul’s grandfather he inherits his old guitar and tries to learn it. Unfortunately picking up the instrument isn’t smooth sailing…something is missing. One evening he is visited by his grandfather, and together they take a trip back in time to help Paul learn about the blues and understand how to feel the music. This is a heartfelt and moving musical story of love, loss and learning! Grab your guitar and follow along Paul’s journey to discover the most famous artist of the Blues music.

Julia Discovers Street Art 

6-8+ years

Join back up with Julia as she and her mother travel to the Big Apple: New York City! While exploring the city she discovers strange and unusual art painted on the walls – street art! Being the clever and inquisitive young girl that she is, Julia does lots of research about this style of art, asks her parents about how and why people do it, and learns some interesting information while making valuable memories that will last a lifetime! Who said Street Art was not a legitimate form of art ?
eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Julia Discovers Street Art

Draw Me a Sheep 

4-8 years

Everyone can draw – some better than others – but that doesn’t make anyone any more or less of an artist. Let’s meet three different sheep drawn in three different styles as they discuss their special qualities! Draw Me a Sheep is a fun and very visual story art-based story that has also got a pretty worthwhile moral and message of tolerance, acceptance, and kindness!

Did someone make fun of your scribble? Put a smile on your little kid’s face, scribble is art!

Julia Discovers Claude Monet 

6-8+ years

Let’s pay one more visit to Julia, this time as she discovers all about Claude Monet. She finds out all about his life, his influences, his hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and most importantly of all his art, and why and how he created it. Julia Discovers Claude Monet is a history lesson on one of the world’s most well-known and influential artists! Let’s take a walk in these beautiful gardens, enjoy the waterlilies, express your artistic skills.

Music House – Treble Clef 

4-6 years

Can you hear the music coming from the house? All the notes are playing on the staff. Let us learn about the musical notes! Introduce your little kids to musical notes with this cute and fresh picture books. Basic music theory has never been easier. Book Prunelle Music House book provides an easy tool to help kids learning read music notes on the treble clef.

Music is fun 

4-6+ years

Music is fun! Let’s boogie down to the rhythm! There are lots of different types of music and they are all awesome! Whether it’s jazz, pop to rock, let’s dance! Let’s bring some music in your kid’s life. Turn the music on and have fun!

Julia Discovers Van Gogh 

6-8+ years

Art can be tragic and what could be more tragic than not being appreciated for your art during you life but becoming one of the most famous artist of all time once you are dead. This time Julia discovers all about Van Gogh’s life and masterpieces. Starring Nights, the Sunflowers, more than 40 self-portraits. Follow her on this educational and entertaining journey about art.

Do you have a favorite Book Prunelle book about art or music? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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