little girl listening audiobooks adhd dyslexia

Benefits of audiobooks for children with reading challenges (ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia)

Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) love books just like any other kids. That is not surprising, given their appetite for new stories, ideas, and information. But limited time, energy, and focus keeps them from reading as much as they would like. But sometimes they have issues absorbing the texts and understand the story. 

So, what are the benefits of audiobooks for ADHD, dyslexia children:

  • Audiobooks can be a great help to slow learners overcome distracted reading, and they also serve as a helpful guide for understanding academic concepts like characterization, plot lines and phonetics.
  • By listening to an audio book while reading along with a text version, children can more easily learn how to properly sound out difficult language, while honing their ability to focus on vocabulary and context to increase comprehension.

  • Listening to audiobooks helps children understand narrative structure and develop concentration. It also fosters their imagination and promotes visualization. With audiobooks, growing readers get access to stories that could be above their individual reading level.
  • By listening to more sophisticated vocabulary and grammar structures, children improve their speaking skills. Exposing struggling readers to the rich language is another benefit of audiobooks.
  • Even without a book in hand, young readers get the chance to enjoy challenging texts, build a sense of confidence, enrich oral vocabulary, develop their overall listening and reading comprehension skills. All these benefits make audiobooks more and more attractive, don’t they?

While Audiobooks should not replace traditionally reading practice altogether, it can be a great assistive technology for struggling alternative learners. Due to the simple and straightforward nature of the app, Audiobooks is recommended to ages 4 and up.

At Book Prunelle our mission is to support every kid in their learning process.