Can tablet increase creativity in children

When we think of kids today we automatically imagine them glued to their phones and their devices, heads down, closed off to the world around them. When they get their hands on technology it’s like they leave our world and fall into this crazy online digital world that only they know and understand! It can be a concerning and maybe even scary thing for parents to witness!

But here’s the thing: the combination of kids and technology doesn’t always have to be a bad thing! Instead of fearing technology and its effect on our children we could instead embrace it and use it to our advantage!

There are many amazing ways that children can learn, discover, and unleash their creative energy through the use of technology. There are many great educational apps out there to choose from that will help develop your child in various ways. For example, Book Prunelle is a fantastic online reading/audiobook app that helps develop your child’s reading and comprehension while providing countless interactive, fun and highly engaging elements that will keep them entertain and occupied for hours! Book Prunelle was specifically designed to encourage creativity, self learning and personal development and growth.

They say creativity is what gives life its zest and its color, and it is important to engage your child’s creative side from a very young age. Whether it’s reading, art or music, creativity comes in many different and distinct forms. And again, when it comes to this then technology can be your best friend!

There has been a long held belief that technology has stifled and snuffed out any sort of creative spark that children might have inside of them, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find out that it’s simply not true! In fact it has been proven that technology and the use of smart phones and other devices in fact increases a child’s creativity. Through the use of interactive elements such as the ones on the Book Prunelle app, children learn to open their minds, stretch their imaginations and flex their creativity!

So the next time you see your kid with their head down, seemingly lost in the glowing and brightly colored screen of their device, don’t think that all hope is lost! It’s not! Use the power of that technology for the good and utilize the educational worth of apps such as Book Prunelle. With just a little guidance and encouragement you can help your child unleash the creativity that’s hidden just below the surface!