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3 LANGUAGES: English, French, Spanish



Your Greatest Ally in Raising Kind and Thoughtful Kid

Digital library for children aged 4-11, designed to help parents teach kids mindfulness, inclusiveness, and culture

+200 books digital library platform to simplify positive parenting and make kids learning fun

Our stories help kids become mindful, aware, and smart

Dissolve stereotypes and embrace diversity

Disarm misinformation and learn to reason well

Master mindfulness and grow confidence

Our digital library helps busy parents raise great kids and build tight
family bonds

Key Platform Features

  • Multicultural and ethnically diverse story characters
  • Retelling of familiar stories from fresh perspectives
  • Accompanying audio narration with every book
  • Online and offline games, puzzles, and activities
  • 200+ original kids books with a Dyslexic font option
  • Books in English, French, and Spanish


Featured in Media

Artist in Me Collection

Stories to inspire your kids to create: painting, music, poetry, and literature. Practicing storytelling with “create your own story” picture books

Get your kids to play with: Coloring, puzzles, activities, and games that encourage kids to create their own art and reinforce what’s been learned.

Magic Me Collection

Stories to Help and empower your kids: build their self-esteem and maintain a healthy mind and life, to love themselves and navigate through their emotions

To educate kids about embracing diversity and being inclusive of others entertain and question

Once Upon an Earth Collection

Stories to bring awareness about nature, instill environmental consciousness and sustainability values in kids

Our activities to kids to focus for long periods of time on something productive.


Accessible from all screens and devices

Our digital library is accessible with Phone, Tablet, or Computer — start learning, playing, and bonding any place and any time.

Ready to learn, play and bond with your kids

Access all available titles and activities in English, French, and Spanish