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We are an exclusive children’s digital library for kids aged 4-11 featuring inspiring stories with audio narration and activities to bring the family together.

Interactive stories to share about...

The environment and animal protection

Self love and

Inclusiveness and disability

Literature, art and creativity

… in English, French and Spanish

How we use technology for a positive screen time

Technology is here to stay, so why not use it to bring the family together around quality content? Book Prunelle is an all-in-one solution that includes creative and engaging interactive features, as well as games, that keep your kids entertained. We also offer a dyslexic-friendly version of our library!
Culture and creativity in the tablet.

Inspiring stories for conscious kids

Through storytelling and meaningful themes, our stories have the power to take children beyond what is on the page. They teach kids to become more empathetic and respectful towards people and Nature.
Children’s stories to change our world for the better.

Engage conversation about difficult subjects

We have created powerful and instructive eBooks to help parents start conversations about the realities of the world.
You now have a space for a truthful and open explanation so your kids can understand the way the world is.
Let’s be real, let’s tell real stories.

An original, ever growing library for kids aged 4-11...

… with special features

ebooks with audio book prunelle

eBooks with audio: English, French, Spanish, Bilingual

book prunelle all in one solution with games and activities

An all-in-one solution: games and activites

dyslexia friendly children ebooks

Dyslexia-friendly font available for all eBooks​


All devices available

No ads, no purchases: a safe place for children





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