Learn English, French and Spanish.
Three languages for one story: a
window to the world and its cultures.

Helping kids broaden their horizon by learning languages

Learning a language both builds cultural understanding and provides deep insights into how other people see the world.
Learning another language from an early age is highly beneficial on so many levels. Not only does it boost your kid’s abilities at school, it also
provides them with a solid knowledge of other cultures and traditions. It sparks their curiosity about the world and teaches them to be openminded.


What's up?

American flag for English language


Enchanté !

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¿ Qué tal ?

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Bilingual versions

1 Book, 2 different languages

Audio and subtitles

Dissociated audio and text

The Book Prunelle team is an international one, and their varied experiences and world views help contribute towards exciting, diverse and engaging multicultural content.
We offer the same books in multiple languages so children can compare and contrast the two and see the similarities and differences in the words.
We offer audio from a native speaker so children can understand the intricacies of a foreign language, such as pronunciations and inflections.
The skills kids can develop while learning a foreign language help stretch and grow their brains and improve test scores in core subjects.

Books in V.O.S.T. ?

But isn’t V.O.S.T only for movies?

Well, no! Book Prunelle allows children to familiarize themselves with a foreign language independently. It couldn’t be simpler: they can follow the story in their native language and click on the audio button to hear a native read it aloud in the target language, with the correct tones and inflections that only a native speaker has. There’s no easier way to learn English or Spanish!

Book Prunelle has implemented a technology that allows it to provide books in V.O.S.T, with many different language combinations offered.

It’s like movies in OV…but they are audiobooks!

Learning a foreign language is child’s play!

In addition to being fun, it is an effective method of assimilating the different accents. The V.O.S.T. will allow the child to develop their ear and improve their pronunciation while working their imagination to bring the stories to life.

By regularly listening to books in V.O.S.T., the child will learn a language without even realizing it…and while having fun!

Learn a language by listening. The effort is small but the results are huge!

Learning a new language and studying the country, people and culture around it helps boost children’s cross-cultural understanding and empathy.
It can increase imagination and out-of-the-box thinking as they are able to consider multiple viewpoints and look at the world through a different creative lens.
These are only a handful of the countless reasons that learning a foreign language can be beneficial for kids. The usefulness and applications know no bounds, and the skills developed can be cherished for a lifetime. Your kids hold the keys in their hands, and Book Prunelle’s eBooks can help them unlock the door to an amazing future.