More than an eBook: interactive books because our children deserve more from the technology.

If you were to ask 100 kids what they thought about sitting down and reading a good old fashioned book, I’m sure that the resounding response would be that they think books are outdated, boring and old hat. There is no interactivity, no engagement! But brand new eBook platform Book Prunelle hopes to turn that misconception around and, with the help of BookWidgets, get children enthused about reading once again.

The Book Prunelle platform contains a whole range of fun, exciting and engaging original content for kids of all ages. They have a set of core values that they hold dear to their heart including Book Prunelle’s commitment to create engaging, culturally aware, powerful literary works that invites young readers to think about our world and the social and environmental challenges it faces.

Sure, some of the topics tackled in the books are challenging, often pushing the boundaries of what is considered normal, but the end goal is making children become more aware and involved with the future of not only themselves but also the world around them.

When it comes to children, storytelling helps their brains develop in a whole variety of ways. Not only do the stories themselves fire and
excite their young imaginations, but it helps create very important epithetical connections within their brains in a fun and exciting way. It makes them more
worldly and social all while developing skills that help them think outside of the box. And the storytelling is only the first step: Questioning a child after they have read a story not only helps them reflect on what they have just read, but it also helps them think about and understand the motivations of not only the characters but also themselves and their own actions. It is this kind of development that sets a child up for a bright and successful future.

But in order to make sure that the important messages of the eBooks are really driven home, Book Prunelle uses BookWidgets to help create an element of interactivity for each story.

At the end of each and every book in Book Prunelle’s extensive library is an ‘activity page’, and it is here that the real learning takes place. Using
the widgets they have created kids are able to take head-scratching quizzes about the story they just read, explore the exciting characters, do some coloring and play fun educational games in order to help consolidate and reinforce the message of the particular book they have read.

has been an invaluable tool then it has come to setting up Book Prunelle,” director and founder Blandine Carsalade enthused. “I didn’t want to create eBooks that kids read and then just walked away from and forgot about; I wanted them to interact and engage with the story. The widgets we created using BookWidgets allow the kids to have fun while consolidating and reinforcing the message and the learning in a different and memorable kind of way.”

The widgets created are responsive, interesting, educational and (very importantly) fully customisable. Want to change the looks or color of something? No problem! Does the layout not look great? It can be edited! Want to focus on a specific area of education? Easy!

Book Prunelle’s effective use of these easy to use widgets alongside their fascinating stories really will hook kids back into reading once again.

It is an undeniable fact of life that children are our future. In their hands they hold the key to a brighter tomorrow, and what they learn and absorb now will go on to inform them and their actions in later life. Therefore Book Prunelle – with a little help from BookWidgets – will change the hearts and minds of the future generations, one eBook at a time!