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We aim to help raise the next generation of mindful and conscious kids.

Reading to write the world's future...

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The power of storytelling to develop...


Storytelling has been proven to help develop a sense of empathy as children are encouraged to put themselves in the position of the story’s protagonist; to consider their actions and reactions and why they may have made them. The ability to think for others, placing yourself in other’s shoes, and understanding their feelings makes one a better individual. Stories can teach you to become more empathetic towards others and be sensitive to their needs.

Social consciousness

The world is a diverse place. It’s packed with people living drastically different lives. In order to raise kids in this multicultural world, we need to teach them about people outside of their immediate surroundings.
Children have to realize the power they can have, even if they’re young, to inspire positive changes within their community. Change in society starts with education, and our children will carry it through their life.
Whether you’re a parent trying to raise a conscious kid, a teacher trying to create an inclusive classroom, or you’re just trying to introduce a different worldview, you’ll find plenty of options with Book Prunelle’s children eBooks!


The development of emotional intelligence refers to the awareness of and control over one’s emotions and expressions. Stories help you in achieving that in a simple yet beautiful manner.
Hearing about how characters in books manage challenges, helps children learn healthy ways of expressing their own emotions. They might also learn that they are not alone, if they read about a character who shares similar emotions, such as feeling nervous about talking in front of the class, or being scared of going to the dentist.

Critical thinking and creativity

Book Prunelle stories make children curious. They help raise children who are critical thinkers — who do not simply accept something put before them. Children who try something in a different way, a new way, maybe a better way. We want to push children to think for themselves and accept that others think differently. To recognize that different ways of thinking will often bring people together to solve a problem. We emphasize creativity and the arts, for they go together with critical thinking. The arts are a vehicle for emotion, and they can also be a self-soothing activity that allows the creator to work through ideas and issues.

How Book Prunelle comes in raising conscious kids

When you can’t find the words to explain to your kids some of the world’s pressing issues regarding the environment, climate change, race, social issues, poverty, gender and equality, children’s literature has a significant ability to convey the values we want our children to learn and live by every single day.
Read to your kids. Read every day, multiple times a day if possible, whenever you can get it in. Read before bed, snuggled with your kids in a comforting space where you can safely discuss their fears or your concerns. Never stop reading to them, especially when they begin to read for themselves: even our oldest children benefit significantly from read alouds with parents and teachers. This is no longer a gentle reminder that reading nurtures empathy and can help children understand both their own feelings or emotions and those of others. No. This is a call to action.
Infuse your children’s bookshelves, at home or in your classrooms, with books conveying messages of respect, kindness and inclusivity. Read them books that act as windows, giving them glimpses into the lives of people around our country and around the world who may seem different, but share the same fundamental yearning for connection and respect. Read, and then make sure you are modelling the virtues you want to instil in your own kids — those of compassion, love, and equality for all.
We are firm believers that if more children learned inclusivity at a young age, this world would be a much happier and welcoming place. It’s never too early to include books that trumpet the importance of inclusivity into your child’s bookshelf. The more diversity they see between the pages of their books and the more diversity and different types of people, relationships, and love, they see in their everyday life, the more inclusive you child is bound to be. And an inclusive child is a beautiful child, a child that will grow into a beautiful human being who stands up for others, and passes on the value of inclusivity to their own children.