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Meet the people behind Book Prunelle.

Funny animals in nature reading books. Vector cartoon.

Our creative team

Ada Konewki

Ada Konewki grew up in a little town on the west side of Poland. She is a children’s book illustrator. Today a mother, she shares with her children another passion: her love for dogs.

Aleksandra Maslova

Aleksandra has inherited a great passion for life from her closest family members as they come from a creative field of occupation. Always a learner she has studied in four universities rapidly changing environment, travelled around 24 countries. 

Beata Pekalska

Beata Pekalska is a professional children’s book illustrator. For Beata, creating illustrations is not only a job but a passion. She is happy to create colorful illustrations that bring smiles to children’s faces.

Ileana Pérez-Monroy

Ileana Pérez-Monroy is a Mexican artist and children’s books illustrator that currently lives in Los Cabos. She studied History of Art in Mexico and Spain. Her work is influenced by American pop culture and the retro aesthetics that she came to love during her childhood and teenage years.

Indira Zuleta

Indira Zuleta is a young illustrator and artist living in Venezuela. She is still studying art while pursuing her dream to become a children books’ illustrator working on a few projects. She also loves writing poetry and is working on a project of publishing her own poems.

Juliana Herrera

Juliana Herrera is a graphic designer from El Salvador. She loves creating character design, portraits, pattern design, children’s books illustrations, vector illustration and lineart. She mostly works with digital techniques, but can also manage some traditional techniques such as watercolors.

Ludovic Jivua

Ludovic Jivua has a degree in digital and Graphic Design. He has developed his own style: curved, clean lines. He takes a particular care to choose vibrant colors. 

Tanja Varcelija

Europe based visual artist Tanja Varcelija has a pleasure of sharing her emotion and imagination through her work. She tries with each picture to bring the story to children in a unique style in an attempt to impact their minds.

Tetiana Zeinalova

Tetiana (Tanya) Zeinalova is a self-taught illustrator and watercolor artist based in Lviv, Ukraine. She’s been creating artworks from a young age and developed her own style through years. 

Our in-house team