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4 Benefit of AudioBooks for kids for Learning a Language

Learning a new language can be extremely hard. It is essentially learning to speak all over again from scratch! For an adult it can take years of intense study to really master a new language, but it is a different story for kids! They have brains like sponges that soak up every bit of information possible, and therefore they can pick up languages faster than adults. But one thing that really helps a child learn a new language is been able to hear it! That is why audiobooks are so valuable to young learners! So, without further ado let’s delve into some of the benefits of using audiobooks to learn a new language!

First off kids have the advantage of being able to learn anywhere and at any time. Because audiobooks are portable, they can listen and learn while they are on the go without it getting in the way of their day. Handy, portable, and educational!

When learning a new language, audiobooks help improve your ear. As many audiobook are read by native speakers, kids will be able hear the small intricacies that they otherwise might have overlooked. It is these little details that really make a huge difference when learning a language and could make all the difference between them trying to say one word but accidently saying another!

Also, if kids want the perfect accent then an audiobook can help them achieve that too! In the same way that kids will develop their ear, listening to audiobooks will help them master those tricky pronunciations! It’s one thing trying to say something how you think it’s said, it’s another actually hearing a native speaker pronounce a word as it should be!

Audiobook can help open kids brains up in different ways. Reading stimulates one part of their brain but listening to something stimulates a completely different part. Audiobooks can help reinforce the learning of another language by exciting many different parts of the brain at once, which ultimately increases a child’s chances of retaining the information. It really develops their versatility as a learner!

So, there you have it, there are several different benefits of using audiobooks to learn a new language. There are more benefits, of course, but these are a few cherry-picked highlights. Developing yourself as a person and learning a new language is an amazing and useful thing to do and luckily Book Prunelle can help! It is a fantastic reading app that allows your child to read fun stories with important messages all while being able to listen to translation read by native speakers. Be it English, French or even Spanish, Book Prunelle will help get them on the path to learning a new language in an exciting and engaging way!

Don’t expect the results to be instant – it will still take plenty of time and hard work until they’re fluently reading and speaking like a pro – but little by little Book Prunelle’s audiobooks will help put those jigsaw pieces into place and help them learn a new language!