The Best Books For Kids With Dyslexia

Many children suffer with dyslexia – the condition where letters and words might seem to change size, shape and order. It can make the fairly simple process of just reading a simple book quite difficult and off-putting! Luckily Book Prunelle uses a specially designed font to combat dyslexia and make reading fun and easy again! So here are some of the best books for people with dyslexia to enjoy!

8+ years

Buster the dog has spent a long time in the animal shelter hoping he would be adopted. Luckily one day a young boy called Jeremiah comes along and takes Buster home! Things start out nice but they soon turn bad and poor Buster runs away from home. Will Jeremiah have to face the consequences for his actions! Buster and the Animal Court is quite a long and extensive book but that shouldn’t stop children with dyslexia from enjoying it! It is a wonderful morality tale about animal cruelty and looking after your pets!

eBook cover for Book Prunelle's Buster and the Animal Court

6-8+ years

With the world currently in the midst of a global pandemic it is important for children to learn some facts about Coronavirus, what it is and how best to avoid spreading it. How to Fight Coronavirus and Other Viruses is just as educational as it is entertaining, and it teaches kids a valuable lesson about how to protect themselves and others. This particular book contains important lessons that all kids should learn, no matter what their disability or reading skill!

8+ years

Arnold is a young boy who has just moved into a new house, but one day he hears noises from next door: shouting, banging, thudding…what could it be? He meets Nina, the little girl from next door, and the two become best friends. But Nina has a secret. Will she tell Arnold or remain silent? Nina’s Mother is a sad story about domestic abuse and how to deal with it. Kids will find it super useful to be able to learn how to cope with such a harrowing situation!

EN Nina's mom

6-8+ years

This is the enthralling tale about how “the truth” and “the lie” came to be. It tells of an adventure in which The Truth is tricked by The Lie. The Truth must struggle to find help, but will the people of the village believe her story or will they have fallen for The Lie’s tale? This book is a fantastic way for children to learn the abstract story about why telling the truth is always better than telling a lie. This is one that kids will keep enjoying reading over and over again – even those that struggle with dyslexia.

4-8 years

When it comes to learning how to read, learning the alphabet is a very first important step. Animals Alphabet helps children learn the basic blocks of reading with a little help with some of the coolest animals in the wilderness! From the Alligator to the Zebra, this book helps children identify and remember each and every individual letter. Younger kids with dyslexia will find this book super useful and entertaining!


4-8 years

Unicorns, unicorns, everywhere unicorns!!!!!! Everywhere! Everywhere! Aahahhahahahahhh! A little girl trapped in the unicorn trend tells us with humour why she hates unicorns.

This story tells us not to be influenced by what is trendy right now. Just follow your heart and don’t rely on stereotypes if that’s not what you want! 

This story is great for children with dyslexia because of its short sentences full of humor and the dynamic rhythm that will help them stay focused.