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What is conscious parenting?

The term ‘conscious parenting’ has been popping up more and more over recent years. But what exactly is conscious parenting?

Conscious parenting is about having a set of core values and beliefs about what a child needs in order to learn, develop, thrive and grow. There are no specific rules or guidelines; it’s something parents can pass on to their child. Conscious parenting allows parents to engage and connect with their child on a different level. The child can learn to self-regulate and build skills all while developing a belief system of their own based on the core values the parents have distilled into them.

Yes, I know, all that sounds like pretty confusing, so let’s break it down and look at conscious parenting on a more basic practical level!

Imagine a child goes to school and they see a “fat” kid. They start to bully the kid and make fun of them because they are different. With conscious parenting the child would learn to not only accept and respect their differences but also understand and embrace them.

Let’s try another scenario: Imagine a child walking down the street drinking out off a bottle. When they finish, they just throw the bottle on the floor without a second thought. Well with conscious parenting the child would learn to not only not do that, but also consider how dropping litter will affect the environment and the world around them.

No, conscious parenting doesn’t require you to abandon all other parenting practices because boundaries and limits still need to be set and enforced, but what conscious parenting does do is allow you to enrich and augment your relationship with your child. It will help them become an amazing, thoughtful and conscious kid now, and guide them to become a proactive, strong and conscious adult in the future.

At Book Prunelle we hope to assist you in your conscious parenting and help your child grow into a mindful and well-developed person. Our stories tackle tricky subjects such as disability, climate change and social stereotypes. We find that dealing with the subject’s head on, in a fun and child friendly way not only helps educate them, but it also helps their brains and personalities develop. It also helps develop empathy.

Empathy does not depend on genetics; empathy has to be taught. Its value is multifold. It has to be encouraged by adults using some tools like children’s books.

Parenting is hard and bringing a child up to become a conscious and amazing person can really be a challenge, but Book Prunelle hopes to provide you and your child with a little help and support while you are on this amazing journey!

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