Who are we?

Hi! Let us introduce ourselves.


Creators of positive
screen time

Book Prunelle is a children’s eBook platform founded in 2019. We feature original stories that fit kids of all backgrounds and ages. Our commitment is to create engaging, culturally aware, powerful literary works that invite readers to think about our world and the social and environmental challenges it faces.
Funny back to school or first book pupils studying at school. Cute schoolboy and girl cartoon characters doing classes.

How we create our stories

We use a team of experts to help review and choose all of our books. This team is made up of volunteers including men and women with diverse backgrounds in education and literature, parents, grandparents and (most importantly) children! They all have one thing in common: their passion for reading and children’s literature! It is their mission to help us make sure that each and every book on this platform is as awesome, engaging and educational as it can possibly be! They help us tailor our stories that we then create inhouse with an amazing team of writers and illustrators.

A rich library

Our catalog already includes hundreds of interactive eBooks on a tablet. Book Prunelle wants to use modern technology as a way to support our message and to share our passion for children’s literature. We create these features with BookWidgets. Technology will allow our children, from 4 to 11 years of age or more, to discover series, stories, short novels and texts centered around personal development, all written in the form of endearing short stories and adapted classical works.

Online eBooks for a positive screen time

This generation born in the era of the tablet will appreciate the audio, images and animations, as well as the choice of languages (English, French, Spanish and bilingual versions) available to them in the interactive versions of each eBook. We do not aim to compete with paperback books, which are so dear to our children and their parents. We believe in the power of a bedtime story, read with tenderness by a parent, and in the magic coming to life with each turned page. We want to offer another learning tool that will take advantage of today’s craze for technology to promote reading in an entertaining and interactive way.

Our purpose

Through the texts that we decide to publish, we tackle challenging and difficult subjects with playfulness and captivating illustrations that offer various interpretations. We will allow our children, through this entertaining reading method, to take another look at the world
around them.

“Awareness can only reach our children if we, parents and teachers, guide them and designate where they should invest their time. By offering rich, sophisticated, thought-provoking children eBooks, we give them the opportunity to observe their world in new ways.”

Blandine Carsalade – Director and Founder