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Why it is important to teach our kids to use screens responsibly

Whether you’re browsing YouTube, reading blog posts or playing games, as an adult you’ll understand how easy it is to lose yourself in a screen. We’ve all been there, sat in front of a screen doing something and we notice that it’s been an hour or two since you last looked up or took a break. Well, it’s just as easy – if not easier – for a kid to lose themselves in a screen too!

Screens can be great. Need to do some work – fine! Want to read or play a few educational games – awesome! But it’s important that children should have the responsibility of understanding when enough is enough and when to walk away from it.

Kids are very tech-savvy but the Internet can be unsafe

Next, let’s look at the internet. Kids are very tech-savvy (often more so than their parents) so they know their way around the web pretty easily. But many websites and apps spread a lot of misinformation and ‘fake news’, meaning your child could potentially be at best just not true, or at worst dangerously wrong. It’s not so easy to monitor what your child is looking at and learning about when they have free reign of the internet!

The internet can be a wonderful way to connect with and get to know new people, but there is always that constant worry about online predators. Someone that is ready to take advantage of trusting and misguided children. The chances of this happening are very slim; however, children should be aware of what to do if they have any worries. Tell an adult and be responsible. Internet safety should be taken very seriously!

Book Prunelle is a safe space on the Internet for your kids

There are apps and programs that allow you to monitor and restrict what your child can and can’t look at on their screens, but one of the most effective methods is educating them and making them understand that to use the internet you have to be responsible.

Luckily this is one of the core values of Book Prunelle: we want to help kids use their screens to educate themselves and open their minds to new experiences and new ways of thinking but in a safe and secure way. You can monitor what they view while allowing them to be responsible for their own learning. It is one of the safest and highly recommended apps around and children around the world love it!

Book Prunelle is super user-friendly and provides kids with food for thought by tackling subjects that can’t necessarily be found elsewhere. We want to open their eyes to various problems and situations that we face in this world of ours and take some responsibility for the actions and the future of the planet.

But it’s not just the kids that need to take responsibility – parents need to be responsible and allow their children to learn and grow for themselves with Book Prunelle. Because instead of using their screens to play games or watch videos, kids will have the power to enjoy one of the eye-opening and educational stories that Book Prunelle provides.

But as mentioned earlier in this post, no amount of screen time can be a replacement for real life. Teaching kids to use screens responsibly is so important – especially in this day and age – but helping them understand when to step away from the screen and enjoy the real world is equally as important!