6 reasons to teach art and music to kids

Why to teach art to kids ? Art activities are fun to engage, while having fun with new materials, children practise various skills which are as follows :

‘Learning’. That word conjures up images of maths lessons and literacy books and science experiments. All things that would be considered pretty academic and important to life. But shall I tell you what else is also very important to life? Creativity. Passion. Expression. That’s why studying art and music is also an integral part of any child’s education, and one that is often overlooked and forgotten.

Studying subjects such as art and music stimulates parts of the brain closely associated with academic achievement. A child’s skills and knowledge in the core subjects will only be improved and boosted if they study one of the creative subjects. Research carried out by Americans for the Arts discovered that a student involved in the arts is 4 times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement, 4 times more likely to participate in academic fairs and extracurricular activities, and 3 times more likely to win an award for school attendance! Think how proud you’ll be!


High angle portrait of two children enjoying art and craft lesson with young teacher in development school, copy space

Studying music specifically has been proved to improve a child’s memory. That’s why many people find it useful to study while listening to music! Encouraging children to learn music and exposing them to it from an early age will help their brains stretch in a unique and powerful way that will help them retain more information for a longer period of time! Perfect for when they’re studying for tests!



Music can be enjoyed and played alone, but it is also a fantastic thing to do in groups! As such a child studying music will also benefit from improved social skills! Through learning and playing music they will learn important life lessons including how to work in a team, how to listen and compromise, and how to relate to others. They say that music brings people together – well there’s the proof!



Art and music are also fantastic ways for a child to improve their language and reading skills while enhancing their critical thinking skills. Children will learn new words as they experience new things while study creative subjects. They will learn words for colors, instruments, tools, and shapes! They will also discover how to look at something objectively and reflect on it. ‘Is this the best I could have played?’ ‘How could I improve this art?’ These are the essential kind of questions they will learn to ask themselves!



And as they become better at art, music or whatever creative outlet they have chosen, their confidence in ALL subjects will grow exponentially. The praise and criticism they give and receive will toughen them up, enhance their self respect and give them that swell of confidence they need to go out and succeed in life.



So from now on when you hear the word ‘learning’, don’t just think of the usual run-of-the-mill academic lessons. Maths, science and English are all very important, but it’s so much more than that! Think of art, think of music, and think of how much your child could benefit and grow both academically and personally by studying a creative subject!


Proper development is important and crucial for any stage of childhood. Now there are different kinds of development we usually encounter while rising an infant. Cognitive and skills development are two of major distinct part we often get concerned and excited about. It’s necessary that we get both concerned and excited about these two. Because they are the most vital prerequisite course for any infant to develop a powerful mental and physical health.