Let’s be real, let’s tell real stories

Stories that raise awareness and inspire children to become the next generation of conscious kids  

We believe in the power of children’s stories to:

Tackle difficult subjects and encourage empathy

Help children understand the world, their place in it, and their ability to change it

Educate and develop imagination and literacy skills


But we also believe technology should help parents and teachers face digital challenges with:

Interactive, fun and educational eBooks that improve the learning experience

Multilingual eBooks to raise multicultural kids (English, French, Spanish)

• eBooks especially designed to help children with dyslexia enjoy reading

• An easily accessible, all-in-one solution with a user-friendly platform suitable for all lifestyles

An affordable price with a unique subscription 

Interactive eBooks to help kids grow

Interactive, pictured eBooks have been proved to deliver stories in much more memorizable and impactful ways than simple picture books, audiobooks or videos. This is why Book Prunelle stories are the best choice for quality reading-time for your kids: they carry important topics and messages and they deliver those in the best possible way.

As they activate different parts of the brain at once, our stories improve memorization and stimulate cognitive functions. This is one of the best ways for children to have quality entertainment at home or on the go that will help their education.

How it works:

Try for free for 14 days

Confirm your subscription

Get access to our whole catalog

Relax while your kid has fun and learns!


Get an unlimited access to over 100 interactive and educational eBooks for all children.

Try for free for 14 days

Then $14.99 /month

• Over 100 eBooks

• Interactive (games, activities)

• Multilingual (different audio and text language)

• Audiobooks included

• English, French, Spanish

• Cancel at any time

100% free mind + unlimited access + 15 new eBooks every month


“I love how entertaining and educational Book Prunelle is. It’s filled with engaging content, and it’s helped raise awareness of some rather touchy but important subjects with our girls. Plus, it gets their eyes off of Youtube videos which are not always the best.”


“I got a Book Prunelle subscription for my nephews and they’ve been very invested in the books. I think the diversity in the characters and the stories is incredibly important. They feature kids with disabilities and kids of all kinds of shapes and sizes!”


“I decided to give Book Prunelle a try and it’s really easy and straightforward to use. The layout is simple and my son and I have never had any problems using it.”


“Book Prunelle isn’t just a book app. It has many different features and widgets: puzzles, quizzes, games, all kinds of things that complement the wonderful stories that they offer.”


“Book Prunelle is wonderfully practical! When we’re on the go, it’s not always an option to bring physical books for my daughter, but because it’s all based on a tablet it makes it a lot more practical. That kind of accessibility is so helpful!”


“My kids sometimes have tricky questions about the world and Book Prunelle’s stories have been very helpful to answer them appropriately. They tackle subjects such as climate change, homelessness and disability in a child-friendly way.”


“My kids love spending time reading the stories and playing the games and quizzes on there, it really captures their minds and it’s helping them grow into cool little people! Also, the interactivity makes it more stimulating for their brains.”


“I’m always conscious that the internet can be dangerous, but Book Prunelle is a safe little corner of the web that I’m happy to let my kids use. I know what they’re doing on there, I know that they love being on there, so I never worry when they’re reading stories on the tablet.”


“Book Prunelle has very high-quality content. Everything seems well researched, the subjects are varied and important, and the illustrations are super pretty. It’s also very easy to use. Solid product!”


“My sons have spent hours on Book Prunelle – they love it! They say the stories are funny and interesting and I often find them immersed in a tale. I never thought I’d see the day when they’d enjoy spending so much time reading, but this has changed!”


Special stories about…

Nature and animal protection

Disability, self love, body image and inclusiveness

Building imagination and creativity



From 4 to 13 years old



English, French, Spanish




The environment, building confidence, literature, art…

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By completing this form, you are accepting to receive news and promotional offers emails from Book Prunelle.